Having a disability or using a wheelchair can make us apprehensive about travel. Extra planning. Extra money. Extra hassle. While traveling with a disability may involve all three of those things, it is not impossible. In fact, with the right knowledge, approach and attitude, it can be quite manageable and fun.

Travel website Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Online Resources is exactly the kind of tool that can help demystify travel and give you the confidence to make a leap abroad. This 99-page PDF was curated by Martin Heng, an Australian quad (you can read more about him in “Disability Around the Globe,” New Mobility, Aug. 2014), and is available for free download via Lonely Planet’s web site.

For this no-frills guide, Heng chose to go light on pictures and nifty graphics and focus his time on compiling a broad selection of useful (and accurate) links and information. That includes country-by-country resource listings and accessible travel agent listings for more than 40 countries, synopses of key travel blogs and websites, tons of great tips and a bunch of other accessible travel stuff that might be helpful.

Heng is dedicated to helping eliminate people’s fears about accessible travel by sharing the abundance of existing information that isn’t always easy to find. He has promised to update the guide biannually and encourages users and readers to share any resources the first edition may have missed. Download your copy, get traveling and help Heng and Lonely Planet make world travel a little more accessible.

Source: New Mobility

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